9x9x25 Challenge: Finding Order in Chaos

I don’t want to say I’m the typical professor (heck, I have an entire podcast devoted to exploring just what the heck that means) but I certainly do occasionally resemble the clich├ęd absent-minded professor. Remember: good thoughts are clear thoughts and that’s much harder than it sounds when your job is to think about so much, so often, for so long.

October Squad Ghouls Network Take-Over: Postmortem

Well, it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. It was also quieter than I’d expected.

9x9x25 Challenge: The Harshest Mirror

It’s almost Halloween. Let’s do something scary.

9x9x25 Challenge: An Introduction and a Plan

I’ve decided to join yet another challenge: the 9x9x25 Challenge. So, here we go.

October 2018 SGN Social Media Takeover

I’m taking over the social media accounts for the Squad Goals Network this month and it’s gonna get spooky.

Electronic Academic Workflow: Paperless Researching

Note: this is old. Very old. I’m no longer a graduate student though I do still teach my graduate students to use these tools or a variation thereof. -RS, Feb 2017

As a graduate student who works full-time I am constantly struggling with a way to efficiently and clearly keep track of the unending stream of journal articles, books, conference presentations, and periodicals being thrown my way. Finding useful sources for writing is easy. Keeping track of them, not so much.