Cybersecurity-related content for my Master's program.

Back to School

In the spirit of life-long learning and professional development, I'm heading back to school to get another degree.

Spicing Up Your Remote Work with Zoom and OBS

So you're suddenly working from home and Zooming into all your meetings. Here's how to spice up your presence a bit beyond just virtual backgrounds.

Picking the Low-Hanging Fruit of Privacy and Security

Here are my five changes you can make in your online existence that are both relatively easy to make and provide tremendous bang for your buck.

Finding Order in Chaos

I don’t want to say I’m the typical professor (heck, I have an entire podcast devoted to exploring just what the heck that means) but I certainly do occasionally resemble the clichéd absent-minded professor. Remember: good thoughts are clear thoughts and that’s much harder than it sounds when your job is to think about so much, so often, for so long. To put it simply, we have a lot of stuff in our heads.