Emerging Tech Trends in Education, Infographic Style


When considering emerging tech trends in education, this comes to us from Ohio University's online Electrical Engineering program and was highlighted by Edudemic. As they say,Electrical engineering emerging technology in education thumbnail - emerging tech trends in education

The infographic discusses many applications for these technologies, which can do everything from helping people with disabilities more fluidly navigate the world to making our homes intelligent. There are, however, just as many applications within the educational realm. Smart schools, video conference homework help, immersive reality learning apps that will fully gamify the learning experience without allowing for distraction. The opportunities are limited only by instructor and student imaginations (and school budgets…).

They also look at how these technologies can be used with your students. In my opinion, the wearables, ambient backscatter, and virtual reality/immersive technology are really the killer apps. I do think they're missing one, though: augmented reality. They touch on it but its possibilities are nearly endless, from the floating dragons promised by Magic Leap to Minority Report-style HCI, à la this TED Talk:

You can click on the thumbnail to the right for the full-size image. It's big and beautiful, so enjoy.