Wedding Bells

Finally, we get to the entire reason for the trip: the wedding! Now, obviously, with there being professional photographers and whatnot, I didn't want to bring my camera. Luckily, my phone takes not-too-bad pictures all on its own. Combined with a little Lightroom magic and being highly selective, we have something passable. Still, I apologize for the poor quality and composure of the photos. Copacabana will make up for it. Trust me.

The ceremony was held at a church a few blocks from the house. It was a warm walk. When we got to the church there was another wedding party still hanging around when ours was supposed to start getting ready. They seemed to be having fun.

Leading up to the ceremony was chaotic: people coming and going, some people late to the party, bouquets forgotten, and a priest who has been known to turn bridal parties away if they're not on time. Honestly, it all seemed rather standard.

The ceremony was a typical Catholic mass. I guess. I've only ever been to two Catholic weddings and I've only been able to understand what they're saying at 50% of them. Pretty snazzy dressers, though, wouldn't you say?

The cake was beautiful, too. Homemade!

But not nearly as beautiful as las hermanas.

The real hero of the night was the reception. Dozens upon dozens of tables, each with two full bottles of high end liquor, and a three course meal. There was a local band playing live and a full dance floor. And, yes, I danced. I'm not saying my legs or my liver were happy about it, but it certainly was enjoyable.