Coffee, Museums, and More Green Crosses

Okay, weird title, but accurate, I assure you.

By this time of the trip I was jonesing for some actual brewed coffee. At the family home we stuck to instant or this kind of concentrated coffee that you then mix with water (liquid instant, basically). While I got by on it, I normally have freshly ground and brewed stuff in the mornings at home. I told Adri we should go to breakfast on our last day in La Paz before we took our little mini-vacation to the Amazon. I suggested we find a café to get a nice, big breakfast, which is one of our "things" back home. (Shout out to Mother Hubbard's, best breakfast food in Tucson.) So, I looked at all the coffee shops around our place in La Paz, but Adri said everything I was finding sold the same thing we'd been drinking: instant.

So, I kept scouring the map and finally found a coffee shop that offered not only brewed coffee but even English newspapers and the like. Enter Roaster's Boutique.


So much yum. Look at this gorgeous, silky, Stygian goodness.

And look at this beautiful Eggs Benedict!

Good reader, I kid you not when I say that bacon was genuinely some of the best bacon I've ever had. The staff told us it was from a specific farm in France. Truly, truly astounding. We walked around the area for a bit afterwards, wandering through the malls and little shops.

Eventually, the fam picked us up and we went to lunch. That afternoon we decided we'd take a second shot at hitting up some museums. Lucky for us, the museums in La Paz aren't run by such rank amateurs as the ones in Oruro. They closed early (seriously!) but they let us in, luckily. No cameras allowed inside, sadly, but when we were outside it was permitted. There was some pretty neat stuff. Like this (thing I can't identify):

There were examples of traditional Cholla dress (including those cool hats they wear), all sorts of miniature figurines displaying some of the important military battles (like those against Peru), and even mummies. Really wish I could've gotten some pictures of the mummies. They were very photogenic. Real naturals in front of a camera. Never broke their poses.

In one of the museums there was this... I guess you'd call it a wishing well. The idea is to stand on the third step and toss a coin over your shoulder. If it goes into the water your wish will be fulfilled. Guess who's go great aim!

The museum was actually split into a number of buildings, so you had to walk across the street from time to time to get where you wanted to go. Due to its landscape, La Paz has some of the most gorgeous views, even in little alleyways.

We were losing light and it was getting cooooold. We ended a fun and educational day by going through a couple art galleries and little jewelry shops. At that point, I noticed yet another giant green cross like the one from the church in Oruro. The difference this time around? Well, here, see if you can spot it.

If you guessed "it's neon," you win.

We meandered our way down to one of the main squares. Big, beautiful buildings around a block with street markets extending out like spokes on a wheel. It was also, sadly, sprinkling. And so cold.

The next day we were going to a little resort on the Amazon river. The plan: wake up early, head to the airport, short flight to the little airport by the resort, and be drinking Mai Tais in the jungle by lunchtime. But, as we know, the best laid plans...