Copacabana, Day 3

Our final day in Copacabana and very close to our final day in Bolivia was spent mostly taking pictures around town and driving back to La Paz. The photos were split mostly into two distinct sections: the church and the markets.


The church, apparently Bolivia's most popular pilgrimage destination, is rather dramatically called Virgen de la Candelaria or The Dark Virgin of the Lake. Sounds like a Dexter episode, doesn't it?

They didn't allow photos inside the church, which was a shame. It's gorgeous inside. Opulent, really. Didn't even allow hats. I didn't even try to sneak my phone out and get a shot, either. Kinda proud of that.

You wouldn't know it by looking but the area was teeming with people. It took ages to get these shots without a crowd. 

Adri told me that on the day we were there they were blessing all the new cars. I was confused. "Blessing the new cars?" I asked. She explained that once a month or so all the people in the area bring their new and recently purchased autos to the church. They cover them in flowers, christen them with (a sad, sad waste of) beer, and parade them through town. They did it with everything from tiny little coupes to giant commercial trucks.

A girl was also selling cotton candy outside the church.

Other than that, the most interesting thing about this part of the town was the shops and wares.

The parts of the streets that weren't lined with little hole-in-the-wall shops was lined with little stalls like these. They sold everything from religious trinkets nearer to the church to blankets and shoes in other areas. That's really all there is, so I'm just going to put the photos below. I really like patterns and whatnot. 

I know: the creepy mannequin is a great way to end the trip, huh?

The next day, we spent most of the time with the family, both immediate and extended, and ate. A lot. At least the flight out wasn't nearly as problematic as the flight we were supposed to take to Rurre!