Ghost Hunting

There's a little town in Arizona best known for its hauntings and art. It's been on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, both. It's populated almost entirely by artists. The city itself is practically one giant canvas. Never been to Bisbee before, but it's just past something you'll likely be more familiar with: Tombstone.


A night in a haunted hotel, The Copper Queen Hotel, was what I got us for Valentine's Day. A little unconventional, but lots of fun. Sadly, Adri was sick that weekend, but with the help of lots of drugs, she had an enjoyable time.

We stopped on the way there to grab a bite. Passing through Benson we picked a random restaurant that was likely to serve bacon and eggs. That happened to be the Horseshoe Café. The décor was nostalgic, to say the least.

We got there before 11:30 but weren't seated until 11:35. Why do I mention that? Guess what time they stopped serving breakfast. Yeah. So, to go with the coffee we just ordered for breakfast, we had picked a hamburger and Philly cheese steak for lunch when we found out. Luckily, when I pleaded our case (that we had gotten there during breakfast service) to the server, she said she'd put our breakfast orders in anyway. 

The food was pretty good. Biscuits and gravy was very much like Good Egg's. The bacon, on the other hand, was amazing. Aside from the stuff we got in that little café in Bolivia, probably the best I've had in some time. I highly suggest it.

Back on the road, in 50 minutes we were in Bisbee, the giant mural that also serves as a city.

We dropped off our things at the hotel and began wandering around the town. One of the first places we dropped in was called Bisbee Antiques & Collectables. At first glance, it was a tiny hole-in-the-wall thrift store like so many others along the Bisbee main drag. We weren't expecting much.

Oh, how wrong we were. I got a scorpion in a keychain and Adri got a toolbox and a pair of earrings. I could've spent entirely too much money in there but I somehow refrained. But just take a look at the kind of stuff they had!

It was three floors and miles of crap. Glorious, strange crap. I also love the fact that Dick Cheney's book was in the glass case of discarded knickknacks. Guess the trashcan was full.

After we dropped our stuff off at the car we walked through Bisbee a bit more before our scheduled events. Everything from art galleries to Bisbee Hot 'n Spicy where I got a jar of "hot salt" (which is actually pretty spicy) and a bottle of Cajun Habanero (which is delicious but totally mislabeled as a 10 out of 10 on the spicy scale... it's not all that hot). We then found our way into another little shop of curios.

I also found one of those optical illusion pictures of Jesus. Amazing. And I thought velvet portraits of Elvis were tacky.

And then we passed through Metallum Creations, a shop full of really interesting metal sculptures, including a giant skull and a real iron throne. (Get it?)

And then, we went into... can you guess? Yup! Another shop full of all kinds of wacky (and slightly creepy) stuff. The dolls are by a local artist. Imagine that.

Finally, it was time for dinner at Café Roka. It was absolutely delicious. We were seated upstairs at a little table at a window, overlooking Main Street. Adri had the filet mignon and I had lamb chops, and we both had a glass of wine. A perfect pre-ghost hunt meal!

Enter the Old Bisbee Ghost Tour. It's hokey and silly and chaotic and super fun. It's basically a two-ish hour walking tour where you're invited to take pictures (in the dark, which is hard for some) as the tour guide, Renee, tells you stories both historical and contemporary. Aside from two people who came to the wrong tour (they wanted to go on the haunted pub crawl, which does sound like a lot to fun, to be honest) who spent the evening whining, it was great. Enjoy some photos.

We rounded out the evening with some drinks in the Saloon of the Copper Queen. Lots of fun.

The next day was coffee and giant muffins for breakfast, another walk up and down Main Street to hit some of the stores we missed before. Among other things, Adri got a plant that lives in a glass bowl and I got a magical coffee mug.

We walked around town some more, took some more pictures, and headed back to Tucson. Beautiful town, fun people, great food, and a trip that can be done very easily over a weekend. Can't wait to go back.