Some words, a video, and the dogs.

Every other week I put out the The New Professor podcast. On every other other week, I send out a newsletter! Well, something adjacent to a newsletter, anyway.1

Each email consists of:
1) a little bit of writing by me, whether that’s something about the news or some personal updates or whatever is on my mind that doesn’t constitute a full publication (that’s the read part),
2) a video that I think is worth checking out, sometimes music videos and sometimes just weird stuff (that’s the watch), and
3) a picture of one of our dogs (that’s, if you can believe it, the woof).

Why a picture of the dogs? I mean, have you seen our dogs?

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  1. You’ll get at most one every other week and you’ll never get spammed. Doesn’t that sound nice? And honestly, you’re lucky if you get one a month. I’m really bad at keeping this up.↩︎