The Development and Delivery of Custom Mobile Apps for K-12 Learning: Viable Options for Educators


The advancements in mobile devices have great affordances for the field of education. Modern smartphones are powerful, portable, and prevalent and can yield informative, engaging and empowering user experiences for students in classroom settings and beyond. This paper explores current trends and issues in the use of mobile devices for learning (mLearning) and presents a variety of viable options for developing and delivering custom content in the form of mobile applications. Relevant applications, services, and skill sets are discussed with a focus on specific capabilities. Resources are presented along a continuum of prerequisite technical skill with the intent to demonstrate to K-12 teachers the approachability of creating custom mobile applications for learning at any level of experience.

In Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference
Ryan Straight
Ryan Straight
Assistant Professor, Applied Computing & Educational Technology

Dr. Ryan Straight is an award-winning educator, writer, and researcher. He currently serves as an Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona in the College of Applied Science & Technology teaching in the Applied Computing and Cyber Operations undergraduate programs. He also teaches an annual freshman seminar, Cyborgs and Transhumanism, in the Honors College.
Here you will find a variety, such as travel exploits, reflections, expressions of stylistic pedagogy, reactions to technological and educational current events, and general musings on topics approaching Ryan’s academic research.
He lives in Tucson, AZ with his wife Adriana and their three dogs, Sofie, Menchi, and Chewie.