And We're Live! A Rough Guide on Academic Podcasting

This lively (and live!) BYOD, tech-crawl style workshop explores academic podcasting in its many forms and from the perspectives of students, staff, and faculty. The presenters will highlight the opportunity to establish experiential student learning through podcast creation, and discuss its effectiveness as a scholastic assignment. When students are assigned the task of writing and creating podcasts in classes, they must master a vast array of transferable skills, from content research to writing for a potentially unfamiliar medium to media editing to public speaking.

Slacking Off in Class: Cloud-Based Team Collaboration in Online Higher Education Programs

Every classroom is different. Every instructor has his or her own unique way of facilitating that classroom. Still, whether that class focuses on political science, Shakespearean folios, or modern architecture, dialog is often at the center of that learning experience. Unfortunately, with the constant and inexorable march toward fully online education, some of that frenetic in-person discussion magic can be lost when our students are relegated to traditional threaded discussion formats.