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And We're Live! A Rough Guide on Academic Podcasting


This lively (and live!) BYOD presentation explores academic podcasting from the perspectives of students, staff, and faculty, and in its many guises - professional development, community-building, research dissemination, gaining transferrable skills, and more. By the end of the workshop, participants will leave with the know-how to start their own podcast!

Orlando, FL

This lively (and live!) BYOD, tech-crawl style workshop explores academic podcasting in its many forms and from the perspectives of students, staff, and faculty. The presenters will highlight the opportunity to establish experiential student learning through podcast creation, and discuss its effectiveness as a scholastic assignment. When students are assigned the task of writing and creating podcasts in classes, they must master a vast array of transferable skills, from content research to writing for a potentially unfamiliar medium to media editing to public speaking. These key skills are widely applicable within an interdisciplinary array of fields, but are also easily scaffolded for students moving into the realm of media production or content creation.

Additionally, this session will cover the benefits for faculty and staff taking part in academic podcasting initiatives. They will cover effective practices that support the informal means of dissemination research, and thinking through new ideas in ways that aren’t held by the trappings of more formal writing or publication methods. Other benefits of academic podcasting will be discussed, including:

  • Holding conversations or interviews with co-authors or others in related fields that can lead to ideas or paths that may not have arisen otherwise;
  • Supporting a spirit of open scholarship
  • Giving staff agency and voice in their support of teaching and learning
  • Creating a personal learning network that extended beyond the traditional formats (Twitter) into authentic conversations and shared insights
  • Bringing people together, fostering communities of practice, and sharing stories (regardless of the topic or field)

This session is not a sit-and-get style education session. In a tech-crawl fashion, attendees will visit various stations to learn all the steps necessary to walk away with the knowledge and skills necessary to begin podcasting immediately. In fact, they will take part in a live podcast by simply coming to the session. Stations will focus on the presenters’ four essential “P’s” of podcasting - Plan, Produce, Post and Promote. Additionally, stories will be shared from the presenters’ respective institutions on how they’ve implemented academic podcasts of varying scales and topics. This express workshop will allow participants to narrow down a particular topic or area of exploration that lends itself well to the affordances of the podcast medium. They will have an understanding of the logistics required to plan a podcast from the ground-up. They will know enough about the hardware and software necessary to produce professional-quality audio for little to no extra cost. They will also be able to do basic post-production audio editing necessary to publish polished radio-quality stories or interviews and industry-standard best practices. Finally, attendees will be able to market and share their podcast with larger audiences, as well as get potential buy-in from their institutions.