An Update on The New Professor (A Change in Gears... or Whole Vehicles)


Hello, loyal fans. You probably have noticed some false starts over the past month or so. The pace of the semester is as it always is: relentless and perpetually picking up steam. Instead of leaving TNP out there just dangling, I've decided to essentially re-imagine what it is and what expectations should be.

It began as a podcast experiment because, well, I'd never done one and I wanted to try it. I had a great time deciding on names, artwork, topics, and audio production. This was back in May. And since then I've made 14 episodes. I still have more to make, don't worry about that, but this is where the re-imagining comes in.

It occurs to me that The New Professor isn't so much a podcast as it is a collection of spoken essays. Self-imposing a release schedule has, while ensuring I (for the most part) keep the content rolling out, had the unexpected result of turning into simply, "I need to throw something together" instead of "I really want to say this today." 

So, in light of all that, I've decided to continue The New Professor but, again, as an unscheduled spoken essay collection rather than a scheduled podcast, while focusing more of my time and energy on producing written works (that, obviously, may turn into TNP "episodes").

Thank you for listening, I hope you continue to watch for what I'm putting out there, and please, keep in touch. 

Yours faithfully,