Update: 2023-09-08

Second update to my tenure-track-tracker.

Friday, September 8, 2023

An unfamiliar and unique landscape to navigate. Generated with Adobe Firefly. Prompt: “Tenure”

Monsoons are still a thing for a little while longer. Captured a striking sky that, sadly, ended up avoiding us entirely.

Okay, on to the updates.


The semester got off to a frantic start, bringing three rejections and two acceptances in the space of two weeks. I’ll share specific updates for specific projects below. No listing means no major change in status beyond basic progress.

Paper: amber deception

Accepted! This is my first paper submitted to a cybersecurity-focused organization and the reviews were encouraging. My work in applying postphenomenology and posthuman inquiry to the cyber domain (specifically the cybersecurity domain) is admittedly outside the usual comfort realm for some of the community. Building a bedrock in the space is important for me going forward. This stage of the process is for conference proceedings; the paper will appear in the associated journal after another (hopefully!) successful round of peer review post-conference.

Paper: lanky lion

Accepted! My co-authors and I are currently frantically working to meet the deadline.

Paper: agile ninja

Declined. No “Reviewer 2,” thankfully, and the criticisms of the paper were totally warranted. It has merit but I believe I’ll reconceptualize it a tad as its current construction isn’t what I want it to be.

Grant: purple obatala

Also declined. This was a submitted talk to a cybersecurity-focused K-12 event. Admittedly, it was a long shot as I’m still in early days of establishing this particular scholarly topic (though the amber deception paper will hopefully go a long way in that regard) and generating interest and exposure. Still, will try again!

Grant: serene freya

Sadly, a large NSF grant I submitted in February was declined but the reviews were positive and the criticisms levied against the submission were fair and constructive. I plan on revising the submission and trying again this fall. So, serene freya will return in spring!

There was a bug in the system that caused the grant status to go directly from “Under Review” to “Decision Reversed,” and I got an email saying my declined proposal would be suggested for funding. This was an error. To their credit, I almost immediately got a call from the program officer at the NSF to explain the situation and they gave me some great encouragement and advice.

MA{VR}X Lab Updates

The lab will be supporting the Dine Under the Stars fundraising event this year again. We will also be performing a 3D scan of a new college building in Sierra Vista prior to any construction or infrastructure work being done (then again, afterwards). This semester I’ll be shrinking down the amount of directed research I do in the lab with the undergraduates to refocus based on funded work when it becomes available.

Scholarship goals for the next update
  1. Follow-up on participant responses in the jittery jaguar project
  2. lanky lion must be submitted by the next update
  3. Begin reviewing serene freya feedback and begin internal steps for resubmission in fall


Things have been going smoothly so far with one minor hiccup: as I’ve opted to use Microsoft Teams meetings instead of Zoom meetings for class, I’ve run across what appears to be a bug when connecting our LMS to the Team’s background SharePoint permissions. Students in the Team can access the live meeting just fine but cannot access the saved recording afterwards without manually changing the permissions. Our IT folks are looking into it, but until then I just need to (as with Zoom, which is annoying) share a correctly-permissioned link with the students.

Teaching goals for the next update
  1. Continue working on slide decks and lectures
  2. Do not get more than 48 hours behind grading


During the faculty elections for this year, I was elected to the college’s Technology Committee. With my background in educational technology, I’m looking forward to being back on that committee and sharing with the larger community. Also, the Faculty Development Communities for Promotion (FDCP) initiative for the year began and I’m looking forward to spending time with my assigned mentor and peer group.

Service goals for the next update
  1. Begin program course reviews for CAE-CO redesignation
  2. Ensure Dine Under the Stars prep is done in lab



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